Stone Floor Tiles Restoration


Stone Floor Tile Restoration

Drytec Stone restoration adds Several Years to the Life of Stone Tiles and brings them back to life. We provide effective and cost-efficient stone polishing & honing services that not only restore the health, vitality, and aesthetics of your stone tiles but also improve their life expectancy. Our knowledgeable stone polishing & honing personnel are industry veterans who know the  tips, tricks, hacks, best-practices and every other practical know-how there is to know. They are adept in the use of state-of-the-art machines and techniques that bring out the best in your marbletravertinelimestonegranite stone tiles.


Stone Floor Tile Restoration

Polishing the stone is another restoration type. This is performed with an extremely fine graded abrasive diamond disk polishing machine. The machine runs at different speed levels until the stone tile gets the perfectly polished appearance. Because of this process, even the invisible scratches of the tile will be removed making a perfect surface. Once the scratches are removed completely, these stones can reflect more light giving a lush appearance. In addition to the appearance, perfectly polished tiles gain very less dirt and hardly retain any debris.


Stone Floor Tile Restoration

Through the use of diamond-impregnated abrasives, your stone polishing & honing experts from Drytec remove scratches, impurities, pigmentation and so on to mechanically smoother stone layer from beneath. After their honing job, your stone tiles get a smooth, satin-like, velvety touch and feel. They then proceed to polish the smooth surface, adding further smoothness and luxe to the tiles. High-quality cleaning and polishing products and sealants are used to effectively lock the smoothness and lustre of the newly honed stone tile inside the now polished and sealed surface. This boosts the tile’s defence against damage, erosion or corrosion and adds strength to the tile surface and grout. The result you get a smooth and clean stone floor, wall or structure, which looks as good as new and stays that way for years to come.


Stone Floor Tile Restoration

When your stones have severe or deeper scratches, they need a grinding process to undergo. Sometimes, the stones may have unevenness among them which can occur during the process of installation (in the industry this is known as lippage too). With stone grinding process you can expect to overcome all these issues. Once the scratches and contaminations are removed, the appearance will be changed into a whole new level.